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The Abortion Pills Cytotec Is Available in dubai

Need safe abortion medicine/ abortion pills to terminate an unwanted pregnancy in Dubai-UAE?

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The purpose of CYTOTEC 200mcg (Misoprostol)

It is used to treat acute ulcers of the stomach (gastric ulcers) or the first part of the small intestine (duodenal ulcers).

As a precaution against stomach ulcers, which can sometimes be caused by arthritis medicines called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

After surgery, to prevent stomach or upper intestine bleeding.

With CYTOTEC 200mcg, your stomach produces less acid, and it protects itself against damage caused by acid and certain other substances.

CYTOTEC 200mcg contains misoprostol, a substance similar to prostaglandins which naturally occur in the stomach and elsewhere in the body. A decreased amount of these natural prostaglandins often occurs as an aftereffect of using NSAIDs, leading to the risk that stomach or duodenal ulcers may develop. Taking CYTOTEC 200mcg can substitute for the lack of prostaglandins, helping to fend off ulcers from forming or supporting their healing if they have already developed. In addition, while getting relief from pain and reduced swelling due to arthritis medication, this drug can protect your stomach as well.

The Abortion Pills Cytotec Is Available in Dubai

In recent years, discussions surrounding reproductive health and rights have gained significant attention worldwide. The availability and accessibility of abortion pills have been a focal point of this discourse. In this article, we will delve into the topic of the abortion pill Cytotec and its availability in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Understanding Cytotec in dubai

Before we explore its availability, let’s understand what Cytotec is and how it functions.

What is Cytotec abortion pills in dubai?

Cytotec, also known by its generic name Misoprostol, is a medication primarily used for the prevention and treatment of gastric ulcers. However, it has gained notoriety for its off-label use in inducing medical abortions.

How Does Cytotec abortion pills in dubai Work?

Cytotec works by causing contractions of the uterus, leading to the expulsion of the pregnancy. This makes it a valuable option for terminating pregnancies, especially in places with limited access to safe abortion services.

Abortion Laws in Dubai

Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the UAE, follows strict laws and regulations regarding abortion. The laws are influenced by Islamic principles, and abortion is generally prohibited except under specific circumstances.

Legal Abortion Grounds

In Dubai, abortion is legally allowed only if the mother’s life is in danger due to the pregnancy or if the fetus has severe abnormalities incompatible with life.

The Role of Cytotec pills in dubai

Given the stringent abortion laws in Dubai, Cytotec has gained popularity as a discreet and accessible method for women seeking to terminate pregnancies. Its availability, however, is a subject of debate.

The Availability of Cytotec pills in Dubai

The availability of Cytotec in Dubai is a complex and sensitive issue. While it is not openly sold in pharmacies, it is not entirely unavailable.

Underground Market

Cytotec is often procured through the underground market, where it can be purchased discreetly. This poses significant risks to the health of women, as the quality and authenticity of the medication cannot be guaranteed.

Abortion pills in dubai Online Sources

Another method some women use is ordering Cytotec online. This option comes with its own set of risks, including potential legal consequences and exposure to counterfeit drugs.

The Risks and Dangers

Using Cytotec abortion pills in dubai without medical supervision carries inherent risks. These include incomplete abortions, excessive bleeding, infections, and other complications that may endanger a woman’s health.

Seeking Professional Help

In Dubai, where access to safe abortion services is limited, it is essential for women facing unwanted pregnancies to seek professional medical assistance. This ensures their safety and well-being throughout the process.


In conclusion, Cytotec, the abortion pill, is available in Dubai through various channels, although its legality remains questionable. It is crucial for women to be aware of the associated risks and to consider safe and legal alternatives when facing unwanted pregnancies.


1. Is Cytotec safe for abortion in Dubai?

Cytotec can be risky when used without medical supervision. It is essential to consult with a healthcare professional before considering its use.

2. Are there any legal consequences for buying Cytotec abortion pills online in Dubai?

The legality of buying Cytotec online in Dubai is uncertain, and there may be legal consequences for those who engage in such transactions.

3. What are the alternatives to Cytotec for abortion in Dubai?

Safe and legal alternatives to Cytotec for abortion in Dubai include seeking professional medical assistance or exploring options in countries with more permissive abortion laws.

4. Can I access safe abortion services in Dubai?

Access to safe abortion services in Dubai is limited due to strict abortion laws. However, it is advisable to consult with healthcare providers for guidance and assistance.

5. How can I protect my health when considering an abortion in Dubai?

To protect your health when considering an abortion in Dubai, consult with a healthcare professional, and explore legal and safe options for pregnancy termination. Your health and safety should be the top priority.